Our Featured Product for September 2018

Since Protective Life introduced their Custom Choice UL as a 'term plan' it has been our NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER - hands down!  The reason this product has resonated so well is that unlike ordinary term products, this product solves a fundamental problem of what happens AFTER the guarantee runs out.

We have been selling massive amounts of term life insurance for most of our 50+ years in the brokerage business.  Every month some of those cases reach the end of the guarantee period and invariably we have to disappoint someone when we tell them that they waited too long to convert their coverage and because of their current health situation - we can't offer them more coverage.  With this product, your client can keep some coverage to age 120.

There are other reasons to sell this product;

  1. There is a 20 year conversion period
  2. There is a 60 day grace period
  3. The premium does not EXPLODE at the end of the guarantee period.
  4. There is no stated maturity date - client can keep some coverage to age 120.
  5. There is NO POLICY FEE (better for you and the client)
  6. Simplified application process (paper or online).  This product can be written over the phone.



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