Our Featured Product for March 2018

From "Hello" to Submit in 10 Minutes

We are happy to announce the addition of North American Life as our 6th leading company available on our exclusive ZipApp platform.  You can now use the same illustration and application platform for the following companies;

  • American General
  • Banner
  • SBLI
  • United of Omaha
  • North American
  • Protective

Imagine the convenience of being able to click on one link and use the same illustration system and easy application platform (drop ticket) for these very competitive companies. 

Some of these companies offer an "accelerated underwriting" process with this application process which means that your client might be able to avoid taking an exam and could possibly have their policy issued in 48 hours or so.  That won't happen on every case - but you have the 'option' if you will use this system. 


Thanks to the folks at Homeland Security, insurance professionals have to complete a training course in Anti Money Laundering every 2 years at a minimum.  You can get your LIMRA certified course from us for FREE.  Just click on the icon to the left and follow the instructions!