Lifetime Term




Today, nearly all of the level term products that are being sold have a ‘balloon premium’ at the end of the guarantee period that will effectively prevent the policy owner from keeping the coverage for any significant amount of time – especially to life expectancy.  If the client has not converted the coverage -OR- replaced his term by the end of the guaranteed period they are screwed!

Unlike nearly every other level term product on the market, our unique product offers a level premium for life with a continuing death benefit to age 120. Effectively, the client cannot – will not outlive their coverage.  The minimum face amount for this product is $100,000.

Statistics tell us that only three percent of all term life insurance ever sold is ever paid out in a death claim. No sane person would ever bet those odds in Las Vegas. If your client is planning on keeping their term for an extended period of time give them the only term product in the industry that offers them a level premium to life expectancy and beyond. The product is available in a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year format and all of these products have a 20 year guaranteed conversion period (maximum age 70). There is no policy fee so you are paid commission on all of the premium.