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3 Easy Application Platforms
E- Apps The Next Big Thing - From Hello to Submit in 10 minutes

This platform allows you to quote and write the app online. If you need a quote engine and app process - this is the one. Works with 6 of the industry's leading carriers.


This is "the original" easy app - all of the others are patterned after this one. With this platform, you have a choice of either electronic submission or a short paper application. This platform also offers a chance for accelerated underwriting.

X1 Speedy App

This process works with nearly all carriers. All you have to do is Complete Part 1 of the life application and get that to us. We will handle the rest of the process.

Let Us Run A Quote
Let Us Run A Quote For You
Exactly the right product for your most important clients.

GUL, IUL, Whole Life, Single Premium Annuities, Term Life, GUL with Living Benefits, Term with Living Benefits - Ask Us for A Quote

SPIA, MYGA, SPDA, FPDA - Fixed or Indexed. We have all of the competitive companies. We are here to help you!

Our 50+ years of field underwriting enables us to field underwrite your hard to place cases in as little as 30 minutes to help your client get the coverage they need.

E and O
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Is it Time to Renew Your E&O

Don Boozer & Associates and CalSurance®  are proud to offer an E&O plan tailored to the needs of agents contracted with Don Boozer & Associates. 

Prices Start at $290