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We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your cases. We also want to make your life easier in every regard. Below are useful sites that will make your compliant and more efficient. TAKE A MINUTE TO CHECK THEM OUT!
Extra Resources

We provide term and GUL quote engines for our active agent's websites. This quote engine compares the rates of the most competitive products for you and your clients.

If you don't have a website we may have a solution for you. We have a special arrangement with Agent Quote to provide you with a website designed especially for insurance professionals.

Sending email marketing campaigns to your existing clients is cost efficient and effective . This is your chance to reach out and touch them on a regular basis and remind them of the products and services you offer.

Any carrier that has requested notification of your AML training will be notified

If you completed your training elsewhere, you can create an account with LIMRA to take the AML training. You will need to complete the base course in addition to any available updates.

Returning to LIMRA

Already completed the base training with LIMRA simply log into LIMRA check to make sure you are affiliated with our agency during the login process, then complete any outstanding training

E and O
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Is it Time to Renew Your E&O

Don Boozer & Associates and CalSurance®  are proud to offer an E&O plan tailored to the needs of agents contracted with Don Boozer & Associates. 

Prices Start at $290