Don Boozer & Associates in partnership with PlumLife bring you the best online selling process in the industry.  Our system will help you prospect AND sell much needed life insurance to your clients and prospects.

With our system, you will be offering some of the MOST COMPETITIVE term and whole life products available on a completely digital platform.  Using these products, you will be able to provide a quote to your client, and they will be offered the opportunity to complete their application online.  For clients ages 18 - 60, the products (up to $750K) will be available with NO exam and NO fluids - EVER!

If the client does not buy when they look the first time, the system will continue to reach out to them and encourage them to continue the process.  You (the agent) will be notified every time the client visits YOUR site.

The best part is that this system is provided FREE to you.  Register today and we will have you appointed and have your own URL to you in two days (in most cases).

BILLIONS of dollars of life insurance are sold online every year.  WIth this system, you can capture your part of this great market.


Thanks to the folks at Homeland Security, insurance professionals have to complete a training course in Anti Money Laundering every 2 years at a minimum.  You can get your LIMRA certified course from us for FREE.  Just click on the icon to the left and follow the instructions!