Underwriting in the "Roaring Twenties."

Automated Underwriting is HERE

During the past few years, a few companies have implemented accelerated underwriting whereby there are NO exams, NO fluids and NO APS.  The application must be submitted online because it feeds into an underwriting program that will pull a prescription history, an MIB and an MVR off the web and cross-reference them for consistency.

If everything matches up and there are no red flags, the policy can be approved on the first pass.  Some of the time there are red flags and the underwriting is then handed off to a live underwriter.  BUT the system is far better then the way we have done it in the past.

We now have two companies that offer 'instant approval' as soon as the information is gathered and measured.  About 40% of the applications are eligible for instant approval.  If the approval is not instant - in 80% or so of the cases the case is approved in  five days or less.

If you are tired of waiting for an application to be approved and then waiting to get paid - this may be a good fit for you!



Thanks to the folks at Homeland Security, insurance professionals have to complete a training course in Anti Money Laundering every 2 years at a minimum.  You can get your LIMRA certified course from us for FREE.  Just click on the icon to the left and follow the instructions!