Our Featured Product for March 2019

Age is only one of the determining factors in a persons ability to buy life insurance.  Of course, finances are a factor.  Their general health is another.  Their cognitive abilities are a significant factor. 

We are finding that due to a variety of reasons, people are living longer and enjoying better health in their retiring years.  Because of that, life insurance is something that is very much on their mind. 

Recently, we got a 78 year old woman and a 76 year old man approved at SELECT PREFERRED rates for significant amounts of coverage.  The days of mature adults (old people) only buying final expense products is behind us.  Many of these people have a need for larger death benefits and they are healthy enough to qualify. 

We have the lowest rates in the industry for healthy individuals between the ages of 65 and 85.  Let us help you with your next senior sale!



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