Our Featured Product for June 2019

I am never sure that I have made my point when I talk about this product.  There is NO OTHER PRODUCT LIKE THIS.  There is ONLY ONE.  The product fills a niche in the marketplace that no other product can fill.

This product makes a lot of sense in any age group but it has the biggest impact in the older age market (what I call the Codger Market).  If you have a prospect who is fifty years old or older and they are still buying term insurance THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR THEM.

If they are buying 'ordinary cheap term' their coverage is guaranteed to run out just at the time they need it most (80, 83, 84) - right at life expectancy.  If the client is unlucky enough to live to 85 and the last year of their guaranteed low premium ran out at age 84 - they wasted their money on the term insurance.

With our product, the client can keep some coverage after the guaranteed period at the same level premium they have been paying.  YOUR CLIENT CANNOT OUTLIVE THIS COVERAGE!

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