Our Featured Product for December 2018


INCOME TERM - this may be the best plan for young families in the country.  By combining a lump sum payment and a guaranteed income for up to 30 years, you have a life insurance portfolio that serves the needs of the family for today and for every month going forward.

CHILDREN'S WHOLE LIFE - There is a market among parents and grandparents alike to 'get a life insurance program started' for kids while they are young and easy to insure.  This particular product offers an initial (up to) $50,000 and a Guaranteed Insurability Option that will guaranteed another $200,000 or so of coverage.  One page - very simple app.

LIFETIME TERM - Our most popular product by a stretch.  There is no reason to sell 'ordinary' term products when this outstanding product is a perfect option.  The most important feature of this product the LEVEL PREMIUM for a lifetime!

GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE LIFE INSURANCE - ages 40 thru 80.  Up to $40,000 of coverage with NO EXAM - NO APS - NO HEALTH QUESTIONS!  Your client can not be declined!



Thanks to the folks at Homeland Security, insurance professionals have to complete a training course in Anti Money Laundering every 2 years at a minimum.  You can get your LIMRA certified course from us for FREE.  Just click on the icon to the left and follow the instructions!