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3 Easy Application Platforms
E- Apps The Next Big Thing - From Hello to Submit in 10 minutes

This platform allows you to quote and write the app online. If you need a quote engine and app process - this is the one. Works with 6 of the industry's leading carriers.


This is "the original" easy app - all of the others are patterned after this one. With this platform, you have a choice of either electronic submission or a short paper application. This platform also offers a chance for accelerated underwriting.

X1 Speedy App

This process works with nearly all carriers. All you have to do is Complete Part 1 of the life application and get that to us. We will handle the rest of the process.

E-Apps Part 2

You Can Illustrate the Most Competitive Term and GUL Rates in Minutes. OR- You Can Ask us for a Quote Below

The original Protective Life tele-life short paper application. Download and complete the app and submit to us.

Download the forms you need when you need them. You can download the form or have it emailed to you .

You will need to be appointed with a carrier to submit new business. Download and complete the contract and return to us.

Have a client with a medical condition. Ask the right questions and we can help you quote the case with 90% accuracy

You Never Have a Financial Calculator When You Need One. Now You Do. They are ALL on This Site

Let Us Run A Quote
Let Us Run A Quote For You
Exactly the right product for your most important clients.

GUL, IUL, Whole Life, Single Premium Annuities, Term Life, GUL with Living Benefits, Term with Living Benefits - Ask Us for A Quote

SPIA, MYGA, SPDA, FPDA - Fixed or Indexed. We have all of the competitive companies. We are here to help you!

Our 50+ years of field underwriting enables us to field underwrite your hard to place cases in as little as 30 minutes to help your client get the coverage they need.


We offer the AML Certification administered by LIMRA at NO COST to you.  This certification must be completed at a minimum every two years.  The LIMRA certification is accepted by most of the carriers we represent!

Click on the icon to the right and get your FREE certification now.